Prizm – the music brain

The first intelligent music player you can plug in to any speakers.
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Discover Prizm.

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Music automatically
matches people’s taste.

Prizm revolutionizes listening to music with friends. It recognizes you, your partner and your friends to adapt the music according to everyone’s taste.


Discover your next favorite songs.

Playing music from your streaming account, Prizm cleverly explores a catalog of 35 million songs to select the ones you will like.

When you hear something great, just touch the Like button. The song is added directly to your Deezer or Soundcloud playlist, so you can enjoy it again later.


it knows you better.

        Prizm understands your taste in music by analyzing playlists
       from your streaming account. Then, as you listen to music,
      every interaction is remembered to better understand your
     taste and habits.
   This is why Prizm can choose for you the perfect music to play.

Your life with Prizm.

I'm alone
Waking up
on a monday morning
Prizm intuitively plays my pop playlist
I'm with my partner
on a thursday evening
Prizm introduces us to some jazz
I'm with my friends
on a saturday night
Prizm intuitively plays electro music
7:30 AM
6:45 PM
10:15 PM

Just press Play.

Music starts instantly.

You no longer need to use your smartphone or computer to play music.
Prizm is always ready to play. From the touch of a button,
enjoy the songs you like and discover your next favorite ones.


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