Prizm plays the best webradios,

directly through your speakers.
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Compatible with all speakers

Prizm works with all speakers. It connects via Wi-Fi to thousands of webradios to help you discover the best ones depending on your taste. Just press play!

Prizm explores

more than 15 000 stations.

There are thousands of radios available online all around the world. Hardly known, webradios provide high quality musical programs.

Programmed by music experts

Stations created by passionate experts.

For all tastes

Over 150 genres and subgenres: from Atlanta Rap to London Rock.


To access webradios you don’t need a subscription and there are no listening limits!

Just press Play

to start listening to the perfect station.

You can keep your smartphone in your pocket,
Prizm is always ready to play.
With the touch of a button, enjoy music that suits you.

Prizm plays music
depending on your taste.

Knowing what you like, Prizm travels the world to select the stations bet suited to your taste. With more than 15000 webradios from all musical genres, embark on a journey full of beautiful discoveries!

How does Prizm know my tastes?

Create your profile in seconds via the Prizm application and select your favorite music genres. Then, all of your interactions are taken into consideration when selecting stations best suited to your taste.

Prizm avoids commercials.

For a 100% musical selection.

Prizm only plays music radios
and its algorithm favors
those without commercials.

With multiple users around,
Prizm makes everyone agree.

Prizm’s musical experience is unique: unlike an app, it is able to recognize people present by their smartphone and automatically plays stations that everyone will enjoy.

how it works ?
Thanks to the smartphone

Thanks to the smartphone Prizm captures Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals from smartphones, to identify users in the room. Thanks to its unique algorithm, Prizm finds the most suitable stations to play.

Your life with Prizm.

I'm alone
Prizm picks up my favorite Pop artists
I'm with my partner
Prizm introduces us to some Jazz
I'm with my friends
Prizm intuitively plays Electronic music
7:30 AM
6:45 PM
10:15 PM
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Ready to play for you

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