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The first intelligent music player you can plug in to any speakers.
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Prizm is a new kind of music player you can plug to any speakers. By considering who is in the room, what their music preferences are and the current mood, Prizm always knows what track to play on your hi-fi.

Watch the video
Prizm, the music brain

Just press Play.

Music starts instantly.

You no longer need to use your smartphone or computer to play music.
Prizm is always ready to play.
From the touch of a button, enjoy the songs you like and discover your next favorite ones.


Music automatically
matches people’s taste.

Prizm revolutionizes listening to music with friends. It recognizes who’s there and adapts the music according to each person’s tastes.

How Prizm can know who is in the room?
Thanks to the smartphone

Prizm captures Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals from smartphones, to identify users in the room. Thanks to its unique algorithm, Prizm finds the most suitable songs to play.


Discover your next favorite songs.

Prizm cleverly explores a catalog of several million songs and thousands of webradios, to select the best ones according to your taste.

When you hear something great, just touch the Like button on Prizm, or in the mobile app, to save the song or the webradio. Then you can enjoy it again later.


With or without subscription,
all the music you love.

Millions of songs


Prizm browses its own catalogue of millions of titles, from the greatest music labels, to find the best ones according to your taste.

When buying Prizm

1 year included

then optional at 39.90€/year

Thousands of webradios


Prizm explores more than 15000 stations around the world, created by passionate experts, to select the ones that best fit your taste.

0,00 /year

Learn more about Prizm's music

Everyday it knows more
about your musical taste.

        Create your profile in seconds with some of your favorite songs.
       Then, Prizm learns continuously from your taste. It remembers
      each one of your interactions so it can refine its musical
     recommendations over time.

Prizm knows
the atmosphere in the room.

Time of the day
Day of the week
Number of users
Sound level

By monitoring several variables, Prizm analyses the atmosphere of the room, in real time. Hence it is able to tell the difference between a gentle awakening, an afternoon reading, and an evening with friends.

Your life with Prizm.

I'm alone
Waking up
on a Monday morning
Prizm picks up my favorite Pop artists
I'm with my partner
on a Thursday evening
Prizm introduces us to some Jazz
I'm with my friends
on a saturday night
Prizm intuitively plays Electronic music
7:30 AM
6:45 PM
10:15 PM
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The smart music player your speakers will love

A brain for your speakers.


30 days to make your choice

Designed in Paris
Two-year warranty

The smart music player your speakers will love