Meet Prizm.

Prizm is a new kind of music player you can plug to any speakers.

By considering who is in the room, what their music preferences are
and the current mood, Prizm always knows what track to play on your hi-fi.


The perfect music.
For everyone in the room.

Prizm rethinks the experience of enjoying music together.
It recognizes you, your lover and your friends to adapt the music, according to your tastes.
Now, everyone in the room loves the music played.


Discover your next favorite songs.

Because it plays tunes from your own music streaming accounts, Prizm cleverly explores a 35 million titles catalog.

When you hear something great, just touch the heart button. The song is added directly into your Deezer or Soundcloud playlists, so you can enjoy it later again.


Always learning.

        When you meet Prizm for the first time, it already knows you,
       thanks to your playlists. Then it gets better. As you listen to
      music and interact with it, Prizm learns and remembers your
     tastes and habits.
   This is why Prizm can choose for you the perfect music to play.

Your life with Prizm.

I'm alone
Waking up
on a monday morning
Prizm intuitively plays my pop playlist
I'm with my lover
on a thursday evening
Prizm makes us discover some jazz
I'm with my friends
on a saturday night
Prizm intuitively plays electro music
7:30 AM
6:45 PM
10:15 PM

Music at the
touch of a button.

A unique experience of listening, easier than ever.
You no longer need your smartphone or computer to play music.
Just press play and enjoy instantly.


Be sure to get
your Prizm

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First batch - Mid 2016
Invite only - 149 €