Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions

What do I need to use Prizm ?

- A SoundCloud account (free) or a Deezer Premium account
- An audio system (speaker, HiFi stereo, amp…) with an auxiliary input (jack 3.5mm, RCA or optical) or supporting Bluetooth connectivity.
- A smartphone (iOS 8.0 or later, Android 4.1 or later)

Is Prizm a speaker ?

Prizm is NOT a speaker. It is a new kind of music player you can connect to your own speakers / audio system. Thus you can enjoy Prizm’s experience on your own audio equipement (speaker, HiFi stereo, amp…).

What is the sound quality ?

The audio quality will depend on the source files’ quality as well as the audio system you’re plugging Prizm into. Prizm plays songs directly from your streaming platform : the original file’s quality is accurately conveyed to your speakers. The sound level and fidelity will then depends on the audio equipment you’re connecting Prizm to.

Can Prizm play my own .mp3 files ?

Prizm does not access the files that are stored locally on your phone or computer. Music is played directly from your music account, allowing Prizm to browse millions of titles, in order to discover your next favorite ones.

In practice

How can Prizm know who is in the room ?

Prizm users are automatically detected, using their smartphones’ WiFi or Bluetooth signals.

How to be recognized by Prizm ?

To be recognized by Prizm, just download the free Prizm app and switch on your WiFi or Bluetooth on your smartphone, according to your operating system*. You don’t even need to launch the app : Prizm recognizes you and automatically gets the music you like.

* iOS users: enable your Bluetooth and keep the app running in background. Android 4 and previous versions: enable your Wifi. Android 5 and after: enable your Bluetooth.

Where does the music come from ?

Prizm is connected to your WiFi network and plays songs directly from your streaming account (Deezer Premium+, SoundCloud). You don’t need to use your smartphone or computer anymore, to enjoy songs you like. You simply interact with Prizm.

Can I choose the music myself ?

Of course ! Even if Prizm is designed to choose the music for you, all by itself, you can still take back control at any time, searching for a specific title on the mobile app (iOS or Android). This is a good way to tell Prizm what you want, when you want it : Prizm remembers your searches to better understand your musical needs and adjust its recommendations.

Is Prizm able to play music without any smartphone ?

Prizm streams the music directly from your streaming account, not from your smartphone. So it’s able to play music even when your smartphone is off. (You still need a smartphone to setup Prizm, create your profile and get recognized - so Prizm can play according to your taste).

How does Prizm understand my musical tastes ?

When you set up Prizm, it analyzes all the favorite tracks and playlists you have in your streaming account, to precisely understand your musical tastes. But that’s not all. Prizm learns your listening habits over time. Day after day, it takes notes from your interactions and constantly adjusts the selection to your tastes.

Streaming Services

Can I use Prizm with my streaming service ?

Today, Prizm supports Deezer Premium and SoundCloud. We’re planning to integrate more streaming services in the future. You can vote for your favorite here.

Do I need a streaming account ?

You do need to have (or create) a Deezer Premium account or a free SoundCloud account to use Prizm. This is because Prizm uses it to understand your tastes, but also to browse and play songs directly from the service.
If you don’t have any streaming account, you can create one easily on Deezer Premium or SoundCloud.

Compatibility with my equipment

Is my smartphone compatible with Prizm ?

The Prizm app works with every device supporting iOS 8.0 or Android 4.1 (or more recent versions). It is available soon on the App Store and on Google Play.

Is my speaker / audio system compatible with Prizm ?

Prizm works with any audio system with Bluetooth connectivity or an auxiliary input (external source). Prizm can be wired to your audio system via jack 3.5mm or optical cable. Jack-Jack and Jack-RCA cables are provided.

Can I hook up Prizm to my Sonos speaker(s) ?

To this day, Prizm doesn’t have access to the SonosNet wireless network, which is Sonos proprietary (and closed) protocol. You can plug Prizm to your PLAY 5 speaker, and to the CONNECT and CONNECT:AMP, because they provide auxiliary inputs.

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