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General questions

What do I need to use Prizm ?

- An audio system (speaker, HiFi stereo, amp…) with an auxiliary input (jack 3.5mm, RCA or optical) or supporting Bluetooth connectivity.
- A smartphone (iOS 8.0 or later, Android 4.1 or later)

Is Prizm a speaker ?

Prizm is NOT a speaker. It is a new kind of music player you can connect to your own speakers / audio system. Thus you can enjoy Prizm’s experience on your own audio equipement (speaker, HiFi stereo, amp…).

How is the sound quality?

Prizm plays audio files encoded in mp3 with a 320 kbps bitrate, the best compressed standard for audio files, widely used on the web and considered to be the closest quality to audio CDs.

Can Prizm play my own music (playlists, mp3, etc.)?

Prizm’s Bluetooth Receiver mode allows you to play the content of your choice, from your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Stream your own audio content : playlists from your streaming account, Youtube, mp3 files, etc.

Is Prizm available in my country?

Prizm is only available into France to this day. Availability will progressively be extended to other countries.

Data Policy : How do you protect my privacy?

The access to the device is restricted and highly secured. The communication between the device and our servers is fully encrypted using the SSL standard, and anonymized.
Personal data will only be used to improve Prizm’s algorithm and will never be transmitted to any third party for any purpose whatsoever.

In practice

How can Prizm know who is in the room ?

Prizm users are automatically detected, using their smartphones’ WiFi or Bluetooth signals.

How to be recognized by Prizm ?

To be recognized by Prizm, just download the free Prizm app and enable the WiFi or Bluetooth on your smartphone, according to your operating system*. After the install, you don’t even need to launch the app : Prizm recognizes you and already knows what to play.

* On iOS : enable bluetooth and keep the app running in background. Android 5 and after : enable bluetooth or WiFi connexion. Android 4 and previous versions : enable your Wifi.

Where does the music come from ?

Prizm plays music directly from the cloud through your Wifi. The player is a standalone : you do not need your smartphone or laptop to enjoy the music you love. You can interact with Prizm instead.Prizm provides a music catalogue that contains millions of songs, developed collaboratively with music labels (majors and independents).

Can I choose the music myself ?

Prizm is designed to select the music on its own, but you can guide the musical selection with a song or an artist of your choice. If you want to hear a specific track, switch to the Bluetooth Receiver mode. You’ll be able to play your streaming account playlists, mp3, etc. on Prizm.

Can Prizm play music without a smartphone ?

Once the installation is done, Prizm plays music as a standalone device, by being connected straight to its musical catalogue online. Hence, it is able to play music even when your smartphone is off.

How does Prizm understand my musical tastes ?

When you first create your profile in the app, you quickly tell Prizm about your musical preferences. But it doesn’t end there. Prizm continues to learn from your listening habits, every time you use it. Day after day, it takes notes from your interactions and adjust the musical selection so it can better suits your needs.

After the free 1st year of music access, do I have to pay to continue use Prizm?

No. If you have enjoyed the experience with access to the music catalogue, you can renew this access for 1 more year at 39,90€. But if you don’t, Prizm doesn’t stop playing there. We’re developing a free solution based on thousands of webradios (a rich and under-exploited content). Prizm’s intelligence will remain the same : it will still work to find the best songs for you (according to your taste and the present mood). And, you will still enjoy your own music on Prizm through the Bluetooth Receiver mode.

How many profiles are allowed with one Prizm?

Prizm allows an unlimited number of profiles. Access to the musical catalogue is embedded into the device. Hence, everybody can create its own profile and enjoy the music.

Compatibility with my equipment

Is my smartphone compatible with Prizm ?

The Prizm app works with every device supporting iOS 8.0 or Android 4.1 (or more recent versions). It is available soon on the App Store and on Google Play.

Is my speaker / audio system compatible with Prizm ?

Prizm works with any audio system with Bluetooth connectivity or an auxiliary input (external source). Prizm can be wired to your audio system via jack 3.5mm or optical cable. Jack-Jack and Jack-RCA cables are provided.

Can I hook up Prizm to my Sonos speaker(s) ?

To this day, Prizm doesn’t have access to the SonosNet wireless network, which is Sonos proprietary (and closed) protocol. You can plug Prizm to your PLAY 5 speaker, and to the CONNECT and CONNECT:AMP, because they provide auxiliary inputs.

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