1 year of access to the music catalogue included, then 39.90€ per year, or for free with thousands of webradios. See below

  • delivery 3-4 days

  • 2 years warranty

  • Free Return: 2 weeks

The first intelligent music player
for your speakers
  • The music fits, automatically

    Prizm adapts the music to people’s taste, depending on the atmosphere in the room.

  • Discoveries without any effort

    Let Prizm select the best songs for you. Save your favorite ones from a single touch.

  • Start playing music in a second

    Wake up Prizm from a simple finger tap, and immediately enjoy songs you like.

  • Everyday It knows you better

    Every time you use Prizm, it learns from you and gets to know your taste.

Your next favorite songs
selected by Prizm

Millions of songs
Zero ads
Unlimited users !

Enjoy our catalogue for 1 year without any fee.

Then 39.90€ per year

After the first year, you can renew your access to Prizm’s music catalogue each year.

Or free of charge

With no access to the catalogue, Prizm keeps playing music, from thousands of webradios, for free.

What do I need to use Prizm?

- An audio system (speaker, HiFi stereo, amp…) with an auxiliary input (jack 3.5mm, RCA or optical) or supporting Bluetooth connectivity.
- A smartphone (iOS 8.0 or later, Android 4.1 or later)

Where does the music come from?

Prizm plays music straight from the cloud through your WiFi. It is autonomous: you do not need your smartphone or laptop to enjoy the music you love. You can interact with Prizm directly instead. Prizm provides a music catalogue that contains millions of songs, developed collaboratively with music labels (majors and independents).

Do I have to pay to keep using Prizm after the 1st year?

Not at all. Renewing your access to the music catalogue is not mandatory. If you don’t, Prizm’s intelligence remains the same but it will use free content: thousands of webradios. Always with the same goal: picking the best songs for you, according to the moment and tailored to your musical taste.

How Prizm manages to adapt the music to the taste of users?

For Prizm to recognize you, just download the free mobile app, and indicate your musical preferences in a few seconds. Prizm knows which users are around, by using the Wifi and Bluetooth signals from their smartphones.

What is the sound quality?

Prizm plays audio files encoded in the mp3 format (MPEG Audio Layer-3) with a 320 kbps bitrate, the best compressed standard for audio files, widely used on the web and considered to be the closest quality to audio CDs.

How do you protect my privacy?

The access to the device is restricted and highly secured. The communication between the device and our servers is fully encrypted using the SSL standard, and anonymized.
Personal data will only be used to improve Prizm’s algorithm and will never be transmitted to any third party for any purpose whatsoever.

Tech Specs

Compatible speakers

Works with all types of bluetooth speakers and audio systems providing an auxiliary input (RCA, jack) or an optical input.

Compatible Smartphones

Mobile apps are available for iOS 8.0 and Android 4.1 (and more recent versions).

More details Less details
  • Power supply

    5v / 2A
    USB adapter and USB to MICRO-USB cable included.

  • Network & Components

    Wifi : 802.11 b/g/n
    Bluetooth : BR/EDR + LE
    Microcontroller, Audio sensor, tactile buttons, tactile slider, LEDs.

  • Audio Quality & Music Source

    Audio files encoded in MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer-3) with a 320kbps bitrate.

  • In the box

    SB to MICRO-USB power cable, USB plug, 1 jack-jack cable (3.5mm) and 1 jack-RCA cable (3.5mm, stereo).

Prizm at home