1. Installation

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Hook-up Prizm to your audio system using the provided Jack-Jack or Jack-RCA cable, or with an Optical cable.
Pairing to Bluetooth speakers can be done in the mobile app, during the setup or later.

Plug Prizm in a standard electrical outlet using the provided micro-usb cable only.
Don’t plug it to any other electric source (like a laptop…).

Prizm displays a green light: congrats!
Prizm is now ready for the setup procedure.
Please continue to the next step.

  • In the box
  • Speakers
  • Power
  • Initialize

2. Configuration

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Get the Prizm app for free on the App store or Google Play.

Once installed, open the app and follow the instructions to setup Prizm.

3. Discover Prizm

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To start the music, press Prizm’s main button.
Press again to pause the music.
Hold the button a few seconds to put the device in standby mode.

Save the current track or station by touching the Like button and find them in the My Likes or My Stations menu in the app.

Briefly touch Next to go to the next track or station. If you don't like what's playing : press and hold Next for two seconds.

The black strip at the center of Prizm allows you to adjust the sound level.
Slide your finger from the bottom to the top to increase the volume, and from the top to the bottom to decrease it.

The Bluetooth Receiver mode allows you to play your own audio content on Prizm, right from your smartphone or laptop. Switch to the Receiver mode by making a double press on Prizm’s main button (to pair with a device, open the Settings menu and click on Bluetooth Receiver).

  • Play / Pause
  • Like
  • Volume
  • Bluetooth Receiver

4. Discover app

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The Guide menu allows you to give Prizm a musical direction with a song or a music genre of your choice.

In the My likes or My stations menu, find the saved tracks or stations.

This section indicates who Prizm is playing for. When several users are detected, Prizm finds the songs everyone will like. If your friends want to participate to the music selection, they have to install the Prizm app and create their profile.

  • My Likes
  • Users


Problem during installation

How to plug Prizm into my audio system?

You can connect Prizm to your system using the Jack-Jack or Jack-RCA cables (provided), an optical cable, or through Bluetooth depending on your system.

Pairing with Bluetooth speakers will be possible during the setup of Prizm. You’ll then be able to change the audio output at anytime through the Settings menu.

Prizm's LED doesn’t turn on after being powered.

There must be a power supply problem. Make sure you’re using the micro-usb cable provided with Prizm, plugged on a standard power supply. If you’re already using the right cable and power source, please contact our team using the form at the bottom of this page.

Prizm LED doesn’t turn green after it has been plugged.

This may take a few minutes. If the LED doesn’t turn green, unplug then replug Prizm. If the problem persists, contact us using the form below.

My Prizm doestn't show up into the "Configure Prizm" list.

If you’re on Android 6.0 : activate the geolocation on your smartphone. Prizm should appear in the list.
On other OS’s : unplug Prizm and plug it back in, then wait for the LED to become green. If the problem persists, please contact us using the form below.

I can’t setup Prizm with my wifi network. (5GHz)

Prizm works with 2.4 Ghz WiFi networks only. But if your smartphone is connected to the 5 Ghz frequency range of the same WiFi network, you‘ll still be able to control Prizm.

I can’t manage to connect Prizm with my Bluetooth speaker.

If you have some troubles while pairing your Bluetooth speaker to Prizm, try to unplug and plug Prizm back in. If that doesn’t solve the problem, please send our team a message using the Prizm app (shake your smartphone and a comment window will appear). It will help us understand the problem so we can work on it quickly.

How to change Prizm's WiFi network?

When Prizm is disconnected from a WiFi network, it automatically switches back to WiFi setup mode after 20 seconds, so you can connect to another network. If you want to connect Prizm to another network while it is already connected, switch off the first network until Prizm goes into WiFi setup mode. If you can’t switch off this network, move Prizm away from its scope.

Troubles when using Prizm

Prizm’s LED is green.

If the LED’s green : If you haven’t used Prizm yet, you can now do the setup on your Wifi network. If Prizm is already configured, just check that your Wifi is available and Prizm is within range of your network

Prizm’s LED is white

If the LED’s white : Prizm is looking for the next track or the next station. It will not be able to respond to your orders for a few seconds. If the LED remains white for more than 10 minutes, you can disconnect and reconnect Prizm electrically. If the problem persists, contact us via the app or the form below.

Prizm's LED is light blue.

Prizm is loading, searching for the next song and won't be able to respond to any interaction during a few seconds.

Prizm's LED is dark blue.

The Bluetooth Receiver mode is activated. If the LED is blinking, Prizm tries to reconnect to the last device. If the LED is still, Prizm is connected to a device. You can see which device is connected by opening the Prizm app. To exit from the Bluetooth Receiver mode, open the app or make a quick double-press on Prizm’s main button.

Prizm’s LED is red.

If the LED’s red : Prizm is not connected to wifi. Check the quality of your connection (by trying to launch a web page on your computer for example). If it works correctly, check that Prizm is not too far from your box, and that nothing interferes with the quality of connection (a thick wall, many people in the room...). If the problem persists, contact us using the form below.

Prizm’s LED is pink

Prizm can’t access to the music catalogue. Make sure you have activated it into the app. If the problem persists, please contact us using the form below.

Prizm’s LED is yellow.

If the LED’s yellow : Prizm is updating, please do not unplug it.

Prizm takes a long time to start.

When you plug it in, Prizm can take a few minutes to be ready to play. Therefore, we recommend you to let it plugged in (read about the standby mode below). This will also help Prizm to detect your presence as soon as you enter the room. You will just have to press Play and instantly enjoy the music you like.

How to turn Prizm into standby?

When Prizm is playing music, hold the main button (play/pause) for two seconds to turn it into sleep mode. Then, the symbols light will turn off and the LED's intensity will decrease.

There is an inconvenient noise in Prizm’s sound.

This problem may happen with some audio headsets using 4-poles jacks (3 black strips on the connector) as they provide a microphone or a volume controler. Some of these 4-poles jacks (OMTP and AHJ) cause sound disturbances because signals and ground are not matching with Prizm’s 3-poles jack. Make sure you’re using a 3-poles jack (2 black strips on the connector), or use a converter to solve the problem.

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